Benefits of Giving Away Badge Lanyards as Promotional Items

Customizable items such as lanyards, badges, stationary items and buttons have become successful in penetrating the corporate marketing world after U.S. voters were given commemorative buttons during the time of George Washington’s run for presidency. From then on, these items managed to gain huge attention for corporate branding purposes and right now, it’s unusual for us to see companies that don’t have these items. Corporate organizations, either big or small, are maximizing the use of these customizable products because of their value in advertising and marketing.


With the help of today’s modern technology especially the Internet, the demand of these customizable promotional items continued to flourish, thanks to the social media business pages and online shops. With just a few clicks away, we can now place orders and purchases for these items more conveniently.


Why do companies use them for branding and marketing purposes? It’s because it’s easy for these items to carry the logo or name of the company. For instance, badge lanyards’ characteristic of being handy advertisement banners can potentially draw in more customers. While the strategy of giving away lanyards may be considered as an old marketing gimmick, this has been proven effective for most companies no matter what industry they’re in.


Below are some advantages of using customized badge lanyards as promotional items:


lanyards• There’s constant advertisement. Customized lanyards, along with pens, mugs, jackets and pins can provide constant advertisement. We may see a particular brand being placed in a print or television advertisement but only for a certain period. Once that period is over, companies would have to make another payment for advertising the brand again. Promoting the brand through media is really expensive and this is where the use of customized lanyards comes in.


Investing on this kind of item is affordable. All through the years, the logo of the brand that’s printed on it is preserved and still offers the same kind of advertising potential when it was first used. By wearing a lanyard within the company premises, we can constantly remind our prospecting clients and visitors of what we can offer them based on our company’s goals and objectives.


• They’re more than just marketing tools. What’s good about these lanyards is that they’re much better than television and print advertisements when it comes to functionality. We don’t get much after watching a commercial of a specific brand but with the case of customized lanyards, it’s the complete opposite. Apart from brand recognition, we can use the lanyards we have received as promotional items for our everyday use. As a result, we can help the company in spreading the word about who they are and and what they can offer to their customers.


• They can be given as gifts for existing employees. Giving away gifts bags that contain customized lanyards, pens, mugs and other items to employees is ideal during holiday season.


Apart from employees, these items can also be given as wonderful gifts to potential clients and existing customers every time they attend events that are hosted by the company. For instance, setting up a run for a cause campaign that includes giving away loot bags with these promotional items is a good idea to increase the engagement level of employees and to attract more clients. The existence of these customized products never fails to become a hit during these events.


Badge lanyards• They are often seen at seminars, conferences and other corporate events. Badge lanyards must be worn around our necks whenever we attend two or three day conferences or seminars at a specific location. This is useful to organizers so that they can easily identify the company we’re affiliated with. During these events, we normally see the presence of other promotional items being used such as pocket notebooks and pens.


With the help of modern technology, some organizers were able to put electronic bar codes in lanyards to ensure that only the invited guests gain access to the event venue. They even use scanners to save important information about the attendees in a computer for an added convenience. No need to wait for lines just to confirm the identity on the actual date. Organizers can capture all of them in just a scan through color-coded lanyard badges.


• They can be reproduced. Lanyards carry the name and logo of the company and with the help of recent innovations on digital printing, multiple copies of customized lanyards are provided with so much ease. Depending on the bulk and the design, we can get our orders in just a few days or weeks. To keep them appealing to customers, some companies change the color and texture of the lanyard’s surface once in a while.


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