Questions about the HCG Diet Answered

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin hormone used in this successful method. The HCG drop is one of the homeopathic approaches to the weight loss technique. It is a very simple method of dropping the solution on your tongue. The solution is paired with the low calorie diet to assist you lose weight up to 30 pounds in a month. For those who are still studying and exploring this method, we answered some of your questions about the HCG diet.


Is HCG Diet the right one for me? 


Anyone at the age of 18 years old and above, and any gender, who needs to lose a significant number of pounds, can be a part of the HCG diet. If you are still nursing or pregnant, you may have to forego HCG. You must also consult with a doctor if you are receiving other medical treatments or has any medical condition. Your safety is still our foremost priority.


How Does HCG Help My Weight Loss Process? 


hcg_dietHuman chorionic gonadotropin is a type of hormone produced by pregnant women. HCG pushes the brain’s hypothalamus to defend our lean muscles. While it protects the muscles, HCG also releases the fat cells that are stored in our body. These fat cells are then converted into energy. When HCG is combined with the low calorie diet, those fat cells will burn quickly without losing the mass of our lean muscles.


How much will I lose with the HCG Diet? 


Weight loss normally differs according to a person’s weight, body type, or lifestyle but in general, the HCG diet will prompt the loss of one pound a day.


What are the HCG’s side effects? 


HCG diet is an efficient weight loss method with side effects to the minimum. Because the solution has been developed to a homeopathic formula, most of the major side effects have been reduced. The low calorie diet may be too fast for some people and can cause a few headaches on week one. Most of them are provoked by withdrawal from sugar and caffeine. This will usually fade by the end of the first week.


Are there specific foods that I should avoid while on HCG diet? 


Yes. You should avoid food that have high starch and carbohydrate content like avocado, carrots, corn, leeks, peas, potatoes, banana, grapes, mangoes, and raisins. Solid food is a no-no before lunch. Basically, breakfast is a non-compulsory meal. You can only have tea, water, coffee, or certain fruit juices. Meat should be reduced and you can only eat lean meat and white meat. Alcohol, in this case, should be completely eliminated.


But with the low calorie I will still lose weight even without the HCG. 


Yes, you will still lose your weight. The low calorie diet alone will burn your muscles and the important amino acids before it even starts melting away the fats. The HCG will instantaneously defend your muscles and rapidly burn the fat cells. The homeopathic solution will help your body to a safe and healthy weight loss. It will also support the maintenance of your desired body weight.


Won’t I go hungry with just 500 calories in one day? 


It is true that you are consuming fewer calories than the usual but the HCG will activate the irregular fat cells as the body’s energy source. Once the fats are rallied, your appetite will naturally reduce. You get to keep all those amino acids and you’ll still be in good physical shape. On your first three days, you will notice the significant decline of your hunger pangs.


Will I keep all those weight off? 


The HCG will reprogram your body’s metabolism and reset the hypothalamus to break down all those stored fats even after your diet program is finished. If you strictly follow the protocol of the HCG diet program, your body will have a new, natural weight standard that’s simple and easy to sustain. After the diet program is completed, keep a healthy diet and pair it with regular exercise.


Is HCG reliable? 


Yes, it is. The use of HCG in the weight loss methods have been the results of several decade-long scientific studies. HCG’s part of the diet plans since the 1950s and has been proven to be safe and efficient.


Should I use the homeopathic HCG drops or HCG injections? 


Both methods are effective with the same body response. They hold different pros and cons that you should weigh in. Injections are to be given regularly with a doctor’s supervision while homeopathic drops can be done alone and in private. We do recommend the use of the HCG drops to avoid the expected bumps, bruising, and the higher cost brought by injections. It’s also easier and much more comfortable to use.


Why should I choose your liquid diet drops? 


You should choose our liquid diet drops because of it is a safe and organic way of losing weight. It is more affordable than the other weight loss tablets and drops you will see in the market. Our unique formulation will support your lean muscles and burn more fats. There will be a major boost in your metabolism and energy. It will curb your appetite and you will see results quicker than any weight loss pill.