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Long before we are born on this world, mankind had already been in contact with technology, from Paleolithic Age down to the 21st century. It was the Greeks that coined the term technē which means art, skill or craft while logos mean word or speech. By 17th century, technology only defined as the applied arts only. It was on 20th century that the word already encompassed as means, ideas and processes besides to tools and machines. Technology is a word used to portray the creations, undertakings, knowledge and advancements of mankind. Newer technological advancements in every aspect of humans’ lives are happening every day. Perhaps one of the greatest inventions discovered by man is the computer.
Computer we have now today was made possible thru a certain 19th century mathematics professor, Charles Babbage. Over time general improvements were done. There are even now computers with its own purpose. Other variations of computers such as laptops and tablets came into existence with the continuous developments performed by researchers and scientists. It is indeed useful these computers are especially it is our gateway to the World Wide Web (WWW). Computers and laptops played a vital role in the lives of students and professionals. It also played a major role in businesses, schools/colleges/universities and industries; and those activities that were done manually could be accomplish in a short span of time.
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