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If you are needing hotel rooms or you would like to reserve a campsite for this weekend, please visit the link below for all of the information you will need.
Download Camping form here

Rudds Show Supply is pleased to announce the 2014 Stock Show University Grad Program will be May 9th thru May 11th. This event will be held at the KVLS arena in Kissimmee Fl. The Grad Program is a two day clinic that will teach you everything you need to know about show day cattle grooming and fitting. Visit the following link for more details about the clinic. Due to popular demand, you will need to pre-register for this clinic. To  pre-register, please send an Email to with the following information.


  1. Name of each student attending the clinic.
  2. Contact information: We need your Name, Address.
  3. Number of cattle that you will be bringing. (if you have two students, they can work on the same animal to conserve space)

Please be sure to include all of the required information.

You will be required to bring your own equipment. Below is a list of some of the items that you will want to have on hand.


  1. Grooming Chute
  2. Blower
  3. Feed, hay, feed pans, water bucket, shovel, brooms, pitch fork
  4. Shavings
  5. Water hose
  6. Halters, neck ties, show halters
  7. Clippers with blades
  8. Scotch combs
  9. Barn fans
  10. Show Stick

   You will also need adhesives, paint, adhesive remover, etc. We will have the supply trailer onsite for all of your immediate needs. If you will be needing any of the equipment above and more, it would be best to send us your order with the registration so we will be sure to have it reserved for you when you arrive. If you wish to have clipper blades sharpened for this clinic, please send them to us by May 1st and we will have them sharpened for you when you get there.

   PLEASE REMEMBER. In efforts to keep this clinic FREE in years to come, It will be very important throughout the weekend to pick up after yourselves as well as others. There will be a cleanup fee for the facility.


     -    You will need to provide your own shavings for your cattle. Be sure to bring them with you. There will not be any on hand.

    -    You will need to be prepared to remove your shavings and take them home in trash bags when you are preparing to leave.

         This is one thing that is mandatory. It also saves a large amount of clean up costs so if everyone does their own part, it is helpful

    -    Please be sure and put in your orders early for large items such as FANS (it will be very hot), BLOWERS, CLIPPERS and CHUTES. We plan to have

         Approx 150-200 students. Rudds Show Supply can not possibly carry 100 of each item so PRE ORDER before the show so we have it.

    -    Send your clipper blades to be sharpened before the clinic. We will be very busy at the clinic and may not have time to do it there.

    -    Dont forget to pre register if you will be camping on the grounds. See above link


   Rudd’s Show Supply will be hosting a free cattle grooming clinic for any and all beef exhibitors in the state of Florida on May 9th thru May 11th, 2014. We have asked Sullivan Supply to join us with their Stock Show University Grad Program. This program will have a number of Sullivan Supply Professors on hand to teach our beef exhibitors all of the details needed to learn about daily hair care, show day grooming, fitting and showmanship.


   We hosted this clinic two years ago and it was a great success. We had 90 calves and over 130 students attend this clinic in 2012 and it looks like we will have even more this year. We will be hosting this clinic at the KVLS arena in Kissimmee Fl.
In an attempt to keep this learning experience free of charge for our kids, I am writing you today asking for some monetary assistance. Your generous sponsorship money will be used to help reserve the facility and pay for clean-up fees. Your sponsorship will also assist us with the purchase of lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch again on Sunday. Providing meals for everyone while they are attending class saves a large amount of time and enables our Professors to spend more time teaching in this two day event.
All sponsors will be recognized on our website at This website is very busy with parents and exhibitors checking in with us and viewing upcoming livestock shows and events that we advertise for. All sponsors that provide a banner will also be recognized throughout the entire clinic in the arena.
If you decide to provide a sponsorship,
Please send a check made out to:
Rudd’s Show Supply LLC 
14090 SR 62
Parrish, Fl. 34219 .

    I would like to thank you for your sponsor consideration and please know that any and all assistance is very much appreciated. Feel free to contact me on my cell phone with any questions that you may have.


 Thank You,
Jim Rudd


   We would like to thank the following sponsors for making this event possible. Without your generosity, we would not be able to offer such a wonderful program at no charge.



1. Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show and Fair Inc.
2. Chad McWaters and Florida Farm Bureau Insurance
3. Wally Quigg
4. Circle M Cattle Company
5. Florida Limousin Breeders Assoc
6. AG 98
7. Lehman Auto Body
7. Kight Hodges Ranch
7. Double E Cattle
7. Premier Club Calves
7. Mann Cattle
7. Cannon Well Drilling




FRIDAY MAY 09, 2014

Cattle checked in from 4pm thru 8pm


8am – Have cattle fed, washed, dry and ready to begin

8am – 9am – Registration and placement

9am – Grad Program Begins

Lunch and dinner will be provided to all students

Lunch and dinner for parents will be available for a monetary donation

SUNDAY MAY 11, 2014

9am – have cattle fed, washed, dry and be ready

9am – Grad Program resumes

Lunch provided to all students

Lunch for parents will be available for a monetary donation

Time TBD -  Check out

All shavings will need to be cleaned up and put in a dumpster provided. You will need to clean your area completely before leaving.


Rudd’s Show Supply will now be sharpening clipper blades.
“we will also sharpen clipper blades at every show. Bring them with you to the show
and see Miss Laura as soon as you arrive”.
If you are interested, give Jim a call at 941-812-2265 for more information.

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